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Using FiAir - Charcoal Fires

Charcoal Fires

First light to cooking temperature in half the time.

FiAir changes the debate over Charcoal vs. Gas Grilling

Surveys show that most grillers prefer the flavor of food cooked over charcoal, but are frustrated by the time it takes for the coals to turn white-hot. Even with accelerants and/or a chimney, it still can take 20-30 minutes until charcoal is hot enough to cook. Some diehard charcoal lovers actually have switched to gas just to save time! Happily, the days of sacrificing flavor for speed are over.

Never again trade off taste to save time.

FiAir can bring lit charcoal to cooking temperature in just 8-12 minutes — easily half the time of traditional methods — no matter how you light your coals. Cutting wait time is important, whether you’re cooking for a crowd on your patio or in a parking lot where hungry tailgaters can turn on you in a heartbeat. Speed matters, too, on the competitive BBQ circuit where a faster start on cooking slow can give your team a serious edge!

Using Charcoal and a Chimney

A Charcoal Chimney Starter is perhaps the fastest way to get your coals up to cooking temperature. But even a chimney takes about 15 minutes to be ready for the dump of blazing coals. Since we're all about speed and control, we had to see if FiAir could make even the speedy chimney starter be ready in half the time. It was a great experiment, as this video shows.